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Join us and create a monastic community at the

the Walt Disney World Resort.

What do some of Disney's most popular attractions have to teach me about my relationship with God? A Disney Monastic wants to know.


The book Disney Monastics: a theme park travel guide for the God seeker suggests that guests at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida create a temporary community, set apart for something intentional. Claiming space and walking thorugh the Main Gate with intentionality, vision and purpose, determines what lens the guest experiences the parks through..


Disney Monastics pray, study, engage and respond.


A community of Disney Monastics enters the Walt Disney World Resort with the intention of hearing the call of God in their lives. A spiritual community is created at the place "where dreams come true."


Throughout the retreat, participants begin to work on their Holy Story or Spiritual Autobiography. Additionally, rhythm and discipline outside of community is created when individuals begin to write a Rule of Life.


Monastics pray the daily office. In-park experiences are complimented by Theological Reflection. Monastics discover how spiritual messages are embedded in popular culture.


We discern together within the context of spiritual community how to connect with God in every moment in our every day lives. Our retreats challenge modern-day monastics to experience God and to reflect on the realities of God's world in Disney's premier vacation destination.

During our retreats, monastics participate in lectures about creation, the power of myth, and about death and resurrection then spend time reflecting on spiritual challenges with disciplined response. We create community based on ancient spiritual disciplines seeking a direct experience of God and God's people while connecting to scripture and culture at the Walt Disney World Resort. When the retreat is over, the community disperses, keeping in touch through social and digital media, encouraging each other to respond to the Gospel call for justice within their particular communities and contexts.

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