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A Disney Monastics retreat is grounded in prayer. The community prays the daily office, seeking a rhythm of life practiced by intention spiritual communities going back centuries.


The Day begins with Morning Prayer. Monastics pray the psalms, listen to scripture and reflect together about action in the world. The invitatory invites the group to prepare to claim the sacredness of the day.


Before lunch, the community prays Noon Day Prayer. Traditionally called Sext or Sixth Hour prayer, this reminds the community of the holy in the midst of the chances and changes of this life.


After lunch, Disney Monastics travel to a theme park to see how Holy Story is illustrated within the context of popular attractions. If the community is still in the parks around dinner time, Evening Prayer is offered at an assigned meeting place.


The program day always concludes with Compline. The word Compline comes from the Latin completeorium which means marking the end of the working day.


Holy Eucharist is celebrated as appropriate within the retreat agenda.


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