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Our spiritual life must be made manifest. The sacramental life compells all of us to make visible what is unseen. We pray. We study. We reach out to others. Then we act. When we act together, we get a glimpse of the kingdom of God.


Throughout the retreat, Disney Monastics discern together what God is calling them to do, empowering them to respond. I believe what? How am I supposed to act? God wants me to do what? 


As the conlcusion of the retreat, monastics are commissioned to go in peace to love and serve the world.


Previous monastics shared this:


"Walking into the retreat, I did not know any of the participants, but was welcomed immediately and made to feel very comfortable in a relaxing, informal atmosphere. Listening to the lessons and participating in the discussions gave me a different perspective on the Bible. For the first time, the Bible seemed relatable to me. I was amazed at the connections that were made from the Biblical stories and how they relate to our everyday lives. Leaving the retreat has left me with the want to continue exploring how I can find God in my life and make those connections daily.”

Innaugural Monastic, Gretna, Louisiana


“As a Disney Monastic, we discovered through intentionality that Walt Disney World is a sacred, set-aside community where we seek God, like monks in monasteries, in community, right in the midst of the mess of this world. It is difficult to establish a “monk"s rhythm” but being in the parks with a holy community began to give me glimpses about how I could live a more fulfilling life."

Innaugural Monastic, Chicago, Illinois





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