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A  Disney Monastics Retreat begins in the evening, followed by three full days together. A typical agenda looks like this:

First Evening


5:30PM - Registration begins

6:30PM - Evening Prayer

7:00PM - Opening Reception Dinner (Holiday Inn)

8:00PM - Plenary 1

  • Welcome and introductions

  • What is a Disney Monastic?

  • The Path to the Rule

  • Journal set-up

  • Individual reflection


9:00PM - Compline

First Full Day

9:00AM - Breakfast (Holiday Inn)

10:00AM - Morning Prayer


10:15 - Plenary 2

  • Where have you come from?

  • Why am I here? Why am I on this retreat?

  • Why am i on Earth?

  • What do I bring to the room?

  • What gifts do I bring to this Community?

10:45AM - Individual Work / Reflection

11:45AM - Noon day prayer

12:00Noon - Lunch

1:30PM - Plenary 3 

  • Two creation stories

  • Relationsip to the God I Am

  • Introduction to Epcot

3:00PM - Depart for Epcot Center

3:45PM - Ride Universe of Energy

5:00PM - In park reflection

5:45PM - Ride Living with the Land

6:00PM - Dinner

7:00PM - Ride Spaceship Earth

7:45PM - In park reflection

9:00PM - Reflections on Earth

10:00PM - Compline

Second Full Day


9:00AM - Morning Prayer


9:15AM - Breakfast

10:00AM - Plenary 4

  • Accessing and Nurturing Quality of Relastionship

  • What does incarnation meant to me right here right now?

  • Introduction to Disney's Animal Kingdom

10:45AM - Individual Work / Reflection

11:45AM - Noon day prayer

12:00Noon - Lunch (Holiday Inn)

1:00PM - Depart for Disney’s Animal Kingdom

2:00PM - Festival of the Lion King

3:00PM - In park reflection

4:30PM - Cue / Ride Expedition Everest

5:30PM - Dinner (at Yak and Yeti, Disney Animal Kingdom)

7:00PM - Plenary 5 

  • Relastionship with Self

  • Doctrine of Humanity - Creation, Sin, Judgment, Rpentance and Redemption

  • Introduction to Magic Kingdom


8:45PM - Compline

Third Full Day
Gospel Cycle of Living

9:00AM - Morning Prayer


9:15AM - Breakfast (Holiday Inn)

10:00AM - Depart for Magic Kingdom Park

11:30AM - Mickey’s Philarmagic

12:00Noon -The Haunted Mansion

1:00PM - Lunch

2:00PM - Ride Splash Mountain

3:00PM - In park reflection

4:30 - Ride It’s a Small World

5:45PM - Evening Prayer

6:00PM - Dinner

7:00PM - Plenary 6

  • Gospel Cycle of Living

  • What is next for me?

  • What do I want to work on once I return home?

  • What do I have to offer to the group?

  • How do I want this community to support me?

9:00PM - Holy Eucharist and commissioning

11:00PM - Retreat concludes

Next Day, depart for home


Monatics depart for home.



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