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Disney Monastics study scripture and connect sacred text with cultural messages.


The workbook A Disney Monastic: a theme park travel guide for the God-seeker by Kevin M. Goodman sets the framework for the retreat. The God-seeker considers significant matters of faith, reflecting upon the context of scripture, personal experiences and response through prayers and actions. Move through the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom and build upon the fundamentals of faith beliefs including creation, sin, judgment, death, repentance and resurrection.


The monastic community studies and reflects togethers seeking the call of God in their lives. Relationship building within a Christian monastic context is the focus of this gathering.


Disney Monastics begins with a dinner reception. Sessions that follow will theologically reflect on scripture, culture, creation, redemption, death and resurrection. Subliminal world-view messages of Disney rides will help monastics see how these spiritual realities are captured and translated in images of popular culture.


Throughout the retreat, monastics pray the daily office as well as create spiritual autobiographies.


Time spent within the theme parks is for gathering information for theological reflection.


The retreat concludes with a challenge to monastics to identify spiritual messages within their particular context. Participants become touchstones for each other hopefully reflecting theologically with each other, wherever they are.



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